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Unto Zeor, Forever (Sime/Gen, Book 2)
Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Of Last Resort
Megan Derr
Battle of Will
Sasha L. Miller
Something Wicked This Way Comes (Volume #2)
Laurann Dohner
Myths and Magic: Legends of Love
Rodello Santos
Avery Vanderlyle
With a Touch (Halloween Rentboys)
Sasha L. Miller

Without Reservations

Without Reservations - J.L. Langley date from this re-read - love this one still, love the series actually and am impatient for more.

Taking the Dare: Truth or Dare, Book 4

Taking the Dare: Truth or Dare, Book 4 - Lee Brazil 4.5 stars. Danny was hard not to be mad at, as was Morgan, through significant parts of the story. But I was able to get past that as the story progressed. Very fond of this one, almost as much as Keeping House.

My Fair Captain

My Fair Captain - J.L. Langley dates are most recent re-read. wouldn't have expected a year ago that some of my most treasured comfort reads would be MM romances. love this story and its sequel, and am excited for the third one late this year.

Romero and Julian (As We Like it Anthology)

Romero and Julian (As We Like it Anthology) - Brynn Paulin 3.5 stars - liked the relationship and the re-telling, and of course the lack of dead people in the end

Surprise! Surprise! (Maitland Maternity-The Beginning #1) (Harlequin American Romance, No 829)

Surprise! Surprise! (Maitland Maternity-The Beginning #1) (Harlequin American Romance, No 829) - Tina Leonard had a hard time with this, given wanting to be respectful of the ways infertility made maddie a crazy person and the frustration with both the leads' repeated shutting each other out.

Considering Carlysle

Considering Carlysle - Amber Kell not up to her usual standard. the stabbing was too much for so short a story, Carlyle's characterization wasn't consistent - not sure exactly where it went wrong, but after the hook being so good (as amber's always are), was somewhat let down. i usually love her stuff, and the prior book with these characters was great.

Packing Heat

Packing Heat - Kele Moon liked the very hot story a lot - relationship was believable.

Inferno (Tales of the Were)

Inferno - Bianca D'Arc liked better than the first, but less than the third which seems disconnected from the first two. very scary things afoot - likely to pick up the connected vampire series to see what's going on.

Forever Valentine (Caught By Cupid)

Forever Valentine (Caught By Cupid) - Bianca D'Arc am reading these out of order, but hasn't been too confusing. liked this couple a lot, and liked the story acknowledging the unlikeliness of the cluster of vampire mates in the group of friends.

Over My Head

Over My Head - Wendi Zwaduk choppy. didn't buy the resolution

Wolf Wanted (Mark of Lycos)

Wolf Wanted (Mark of Lycos) - Marie Harte hot demon on wolf action :) liked the prior book a little better - there's a third coming in a couple of weeks am going to order, since i've been enjoying Marie's work.

Sweeter Than Wine

Sweeter Than Wine - Bianca D'Arc think i'll be happier with this one when i've read its predecessor stories. very hot story.

Shameless Playboy (Bad Blood Collection)

Shameless Playboy (Bad Blood Collection) - Caitlin Crews really well done angsty relationship between these people no one other than the other knows well. haven't read any of the others in the continuity, but this was very good.

Galen and the Forest Lord

Galen and the Forest Lord - Eden Winters loved the humor and the world.

A Lie I Can Live With

A Lie I Can Live With - Eden Winters so very sweet

The Dragon's Tamer

The Dragon's Tamer - Megan Derr sweet short unique story - liked it a lot