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Laurann Dohner
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Rodello Santos
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With a Touch (Halloween Rentboys)
Sasha L. Miller

Devon's Pair: Powertools

Devon's Pair: Powertools - Jayne Rylon the series' core characters are a five-guy crew that rehabs and re-sells houses in need of loving care. the guys are very open sexually -- the first three books added one woman for each of three of the guys (women who joined in their collective sex play, as well as individual, more emotional connections with the one they fell in love with). this book adds a woman to the crew, who ultimately is the third for the remaining pair of guys who were already attached to each other.I need to re-read the set now (and apparently there are two more stories planned). I liked the conflict as Neil and James' existing couple relationship saw some strain (as I'd've expected it to) adding Devon - James is insecure in a way he hasn't been about adding the other three women for sex and affection, because Devon matters to Neil. Ultimately it's clear Devon also matters to James, and of course things work out. It's a refreshing story to see that much sexual openness in such a large group of people -- skeptical that it's possible, but fun to read. and very, very hot.