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Unto Zeor, Forever (Sime/Gen, Book 2)
Jacqueline Lichtenberg
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Megan Derr
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Sasha L. Miller
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Laurann Dohner
Myths and Magic: Legends of Love
Rodello Santos
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With a Touch (Halloween Rentboys)
Sasha L. Miller

House of Zeor

House of Zeor - Jacqueline Lichtenberg Re-reading the series in anticipation of picking up the new books I didn't know existed. Story successfully sets up the world and its other-ness, on both sides of the post-mutation genetic split in humanity. In spots, there's what I think are mistakes in Hugh's character, where he seems too unsurprised by terms it wasn't clear he should have known. But other than that, and a couple of small editing errors, I find this a book that holds up well to my memories of it, and I'm so glad I didn't purge it with so many other books years ago. 3.5 stars.