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Laurann Dohner
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Never Too Much (Zebra Contemporary Romance)

Never Too Much  - Lori Foster Dates from most recent read. Similar to the prior book, Ben is very alpha (as is Kent) and Sierra has a hard time maintaining boundaries around Ben and his assertiveness until she is ready to drop those boundaries. Found it implausible (and pulled me out of the story) for her to be as young as she is, owning the business and already having jobs to perform when so new to the community. Also, not sure what was changed in this version of the story from the first edition, but it seems weird for Kent to be moving so much with a daughter in college, unless Beth (the daughter, who shows up in the third story) was the addition for the 2008 version of the story, and the rest of the story didn't get realigned to make sense with references to her and the implications for Kent's life. Also, 40 and mostly retired is hard to swallow.Anyway, didn't enjoy it as much on this read through, so I bumped it down a star.