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Unto Zeor, Forever (Sime/Gen, Book 2)
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Of Last Resort
Megan Derr
Battle of Will
Sasha L. Miller
Something Wicked This Way Comes (Volume #2)
Laurann Dohner
Myths and Magic: Legends of Love
Rodello Santos
Avery Vanderlyle
With a Touch (Halloween Rentboys)
Sasha L. Miller

Shifting Heat (Protect and Serve, #16)

Shifting Heat (Protect and Serve, #16) - Cassidy McKay more 2.5 stars - I liked her prior book in this multi-author series better. Jumped around a lot, too much of the action happened off screen - like it was too much plot to fit in the length of story planned? (Have seen that a little often recently). I liked the characters.